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The Greatest Ever Police Chase

Written by izali on 7:29 PM

2009 Toyota Wish Feature Walkthrough

Written by izali on 12:12 AM

Toyota has launched the new 2009 Toyota Wish in Japan

Ferrari California Drive Test by Fifth Gear

Written by izali on 4:59 PM

Ferrari drive test by Fifth Gear. Preview

Written by izali on 4:22 PM on screens worlwide 29.03.2009

Thrust SSC - Still The Fastest Land Vehicle??

Written by izali on 4:12 PM

Thrust SSC, still The Fastest Land Vehicle??

TATA Nano, World's Cheapest Car Launched in India

Written by izali on 4:01 PM

Tata Nano, world's cheapest car, launched in India Ratan Tata said that his no-frills Tata Nano, which at 100,000 rupees (£1,370) he hopes will bring car ownership within the reach of millions of India's poor but aspirational families, will also go on sale in the UK in 2011, where it will be marketed as the vehicle for credit-crunch Britain.

PDRM Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Written by izali on 2:41 PM

PDRM (Police Malaysia) officially launches its Lancer Evo X highway patrol cars.